1:1 Metal Complex Dyes

An acid dye is a dye that is typically applied to a textile at low pH. They are mainly used to dye wool, not cotton fabrics.[1] Some acid dyes are used as food colorants,[2][3] and some can also be used to stain organelles in the medical field.



Shade C.I.Name CAS No Application
Acid Yellow 99 10343-58-5
Acid Orange 74 10127-27-2
Acid Red 183 6408-31-7
Acid Red 186 52677-44-8
Acid Blue 158 6370-08-7
Acid Brown 97 10834-99-5
Acid Brown 434 126851-40-9
Acid Brown 452 152521-14-7


*Shades shown above are for referance only, actual shade may differ little.


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